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Trendy Upper Cabinet Solutions

Over the years, kitchens have evolved into a more versatile space that looks different from the old kitchen remodeling design concepts. Keeping your kitchen trendy and modern can be a tricky task for most homeowners. Boss Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling advices on using the following to solutions in your kitchen remodel to give your upper cabinets a modern touch.

Painting you cabinet with light colors

A kitchen can feel lighter and modern when you use shades of white or lighter blendes of grey or beige for the upper cabinets. Matte and high gloss lacquer look will lighten up your kitchen with darker base cabinets. In the absence of these combinations, use lighter woods to finish the upper half of the kitchen. The lighter wood examples include white larch or the white oak. On cabinet finishes, select one that that will blend both the natural and artificial light. A finish like mica-based lacquer will give the cabinet surface a reflective quality that makes them shimmer and change shade depending on how light hit their surfaces.

Cabinet door solutions

White or gray glass doors can lighten up your kitchen.  You can consider transparent glasses to finish the upper cabinet doors, but if you are going to stuff these cabinets with items that will be visible through the glass doors, it will make the kitchen look cluttered; using frost glass will be a better solution.

Remove the upper cabinets’ altogether

You can decide to do way with the upper cabinets’ altogether, as they tend to make the kitchen look heavy. They occupy the direct line of sight. Avoiding these upper cabinets will make the kitchen blend with the living room in and open floor plan. In a closed kitchen, the room will fell bigger and less suffocation without these upper cabinets. You can compensate for the lost storage from the missing upper cabinets with deeper base cabinets.

Shelving system

A combination of an alternating cabinets and open shelving system, both on the walls and in the island will lighten up your kitchen and give it a more dynamic aesthetic. The shelves helps in making the kitchen have a seamless transition into the living area. To give your kitchen a perfect view from the open shelving system, you should not overstuff them. You can also use them to display plants and your most expensive and interesting looking items and accessories.

The hood

Use a minimalistic extractor hood. Hoods that demand little attention while able to help keep the aesthetic on the lighter side can be an imposing element on the kitchen design. Position it ether against the wall or over the kitchen island.

Countertops and backsplash

Like the cabinet doors, using glasses for countertops and for the backsplashes will make it more luminous and therefore lighten up your kitchen. Although a touch of a utensil bar can be useful, overdoing it will make the kitchen look busier than it is, as the backsplash falls directly in the line of sight. Avoid cluttering the back splash with utensil bars.  Choose a cabinetry line with a recessed or reflective look to make the kitchen look like it is suspending in the air.

Upper cabinets placed continuously along three consecutive sides of the kitchen walls (u shaped cabinet layout) will make the kitchen look heavy, thus avoid placing cabinets along all the three walls. For the few cabinets ensure that the eye can absorb fewer visual details. This will lighten up your kitchen. Going with the cabinetry that has no handles can achieve this effect.

You can also use panels of led lights to visually divide the working area from the wall storage units and lighten up your kitchen.

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